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Amazing Results!

November 18, 2020

1215 lbs of food collected by Cub Scouts Pack# 9 in Honey Brook! This is almost 100 lbs more than they collected last year. Way to go, kids! You continue to amaze us year after year with your hard work! We cannot thank you enough. This will help us to go a long way to provide food for those in need this upcoming holiday season.

We Can't Thank You Enough!

November 17, 2020

On November 5th, Kemper Equipment held a golf outing and pledged a donation per participant.  Afterwards, they sent this generous donation to the Pantry.  We are so grateful!  A large portion of this donation has been reserved specifically to provide adult gloves during this year's Coat and Gift distribution in December, which is often an overlooked but much needed item for the upcoming cold weather.  Thank you, Kemper Equipment! 

Outstanding Generosity!

July 20, 2020

Last summer we started a community garden with two raised beds for vegetables at the Honey Brook Borough Park. Our garden is next to the fence separating the park from Dave Eames’ yard and The Labs Funeral Home. As there was no close access to water for the garden, food pantry volunteers would make several trips up the hill everyday carrying heavy containers of water to keep the plants growing. Dave came to our rescue this summer by installing a spigot and a hose on his property and offering us the use of it as we need. Thank you Dave! Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated by our community and by the volunteers who no longer have to struggle up that hill carrying water!

Honey Brook Food Pantry Gardens

July 17, 2020

As part of the Honey Brook Food Pantry’s effort to help provide food security to our community we started the Garden For Life Program a few years ago. Our home gardening program supplies gardeners with plant seedlings, seeds, soil, containers and advice to grow some of their own produce at home. We also have two community gardens, one at the Honey Brook Borough Park and the other at the Honey Brook Township Office. While we like to offer as much of the produce that is grown in the community gardens on food pantry distribution days twice a month as we can, we are also offering produce to everyone in our community. Please stop by to check out our gardens and help yourselves to some healthy produce while you’re there!

A Persevering Donor

July 10, 2020

A special thanks to the gentleman running an ongoing yard sale to benefit the Food Pantry.  Located at 120 Telegraph Road, the sale has persevered through rain, wind, and other misgivings to try to raise money for a good cause.  We are very grateful for the donations and wish you all the best in your continued efforts!  Kindness like this goes a long way and is what keeps the Food Pantry running.

Twin Valley High School Basketball Shoots Hoops for The Pantry

June 24, 2020

The Twin Valley High School Boys Basketball team set a goal for themselves - make 5000 jump-shots over a weekend to raise money for local food banks.  They not only met that goal but in the process they raised $1250 that they donated to the Honey Brook Food Pantry.  After the players met with board chairman Ken Ross and heard a little about how this money so greatly helps the pantry find fresh meat and produce, they presented the check.  We are so grateful to have young men like these who "shoot" for a goal and score for the home team - their community.  Great job, Twin Valley High School Basketball!

A Much Needed Service from Eagle Disposal!

June 11, 2020

Eagle Disposal has graciously donated their recycling service free of charge to the Honey Brook Food Pantry.  We go through so many boxes, plastics, and other recyclable items at every distribution. This is an amazing service to assist us in lowering costs in order to provide more food to families.  Thank you, Eagle Disposal!


May 28, 2020

2,790 lbs... Unbelievable!! This record-breaking food collection from St. Peter Catholic Church came to us in late May. We are amazed and so, so thankful to the parishioners at St. Peter's for their continued generosity!!  We didn't think it was possible to top their last food drive donation, but they did it!  

From the Rotary Club of Thorndale...So Generous!

May 27, 2020

We received a visit from the Rotary Club of Thorndale. They stopped by to present us with a very generous donation and we were able to snap this picture of the team! We are so grateful - this will go a long way to help us with the next distribution coming up June.

An Amazing Food Drive!

May 20, 2020

Thank you, Crop's Fresh Marketplace for the incredible food drive!  They had 97 of these individual bags by noon on May 20th.  Such a HUGE help to our clients for the upcoming distribution during this time when resources have been stretched further than ever before. 

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