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More Benefits

In addition to food, we offer other benefits at each food distribution.

Want to know about upcoming events at the Pantry?

Look inside your nonperishable items bags for a benefits information sheet. It will provide details about available services and pantry happenings—like when we host Legal Aid, CareerLink, and other agencies at the Pantry.

Does your household include a diabetic?

Visit the Wellness Tent if you—or a member of your family—are diabetic. You can speak with our Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator. You can also receive food specifically for those with diabetes.

Need additional personal care items?

Visit the Personal Care Items Tent which is located beside the Wellness Tent. Available items typically include deodorant, hair conditioner, feminine hygiene products, adult diapers, shaving cream and razors, and toothpaste and tooth brushes.

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