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Donate Money

Your donations help us maintain and improve the services we provide to the families of the Honey Brook area. We especially rely on donations to purchase healthy foods. 


You can make a one-time donation—or set up monthly donations—from your credit card, debit card, or bank account through Kindful. If you prefer, you can mail a check.

See how far your donation can take us! 

  • $450 buys one fresh produce item for each family for one month.

  • $600 buys one dozen eggs for each family for one month.

  • $1,250 buys one meat package for each family for one month. 

  • $2,500 buys dairy products for each family for one month.

  • $3,000 buys a package of meat for each family for one month.

  • $5,500 buys a healthy foods package of meat and dairy for each family for one month—or a commercial freezer for the pantry.

  • $12,000 pays for sponsorship of the Pantry’s “produce corner” in the warehouse (with signage)!

  • $15,000 pays for one year’s rent for the Pantry.

Thank you for your generosity!

We can work with you to meet your sponsorship interests! You can donate using the links on this page or email Ken Ross at to further discuss your donation intentions.


We gladly recognize your donations in ways you would appreciate. Examples include a thank you on our Facebook page or a display posted during our twice-monthly food distributions. Your donations help keep the Pantry running.

More ways to give 

Every penny counts. Please look for our coin boxes at:

  • Brandywine Pharmacy

  • Eby's Market

  • Ford's Notary

  • Honey Brook Hardware Store

  • Long Way Home Pub

  • Morgantown Antique Market

  • Papa Mark's

  • Route 10 Farm Market

  • September Farm 

  • Suburban Brewery

  • Wimpy & Dee's Diner

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